"Focus on Agriculture"

Third Annual "Focus on Agriculture: Market Driven Agriculture For Accelerated Rural Economic Development", Southern Sector - Kumasi, Ashanti Region.

Third Annual "Focus on Agriculture: Market Driven Agriculture For Accelerated Rural Economic Development", Northern Sector - Tamale,Northern Region.
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Contact Information

4 Pineapple Loop

East Legon (Near American House)

P. O. Box CT4022, Cantonments

Accra, Ghana


Tel: +233 (0) 302 52 02 81

      +233 (0) 246 16 67 02

Fax +233 (0) 302 52 02 82


Email: info@africanconnections.biz

Website: africanconnections.biz

Welcome to African Connections

Welcome to African Connections Ghana Limited

African Connections is a consulting firm distinguished by a wealth of rich experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide cost-effective global business solutions to our clients in Africa.

We know how to get things done within the context of the local culture and with respect for local customs and traditions. African Connections’ local knowledge and relationships are combined with the technical expertise of our highly experienced professionals to deliver the results and services our clients deserve.

We build locally driven solutions.

Our team of experts includes specialists dedicated to cost-effective project design and implementation.

Who we are?

Who Are We?


African Connections (AC) is a rapidly growing consulting firm, headquartered in the capital city of Accra, Ghana with operational capability throughout much of West Africa. We specialize in providing cost-effective, prompt and tailor-made services to our clients.

AC offers a wide range of services include: rural economic development; logistics support; local government capacity building; conference and event management; management consulting services; and health and education programs. Read More...

What we do?

What we do?

Economic Development

African Connections provides economic development services utilizing public private partnerships. The public private partnership model enables AC to work with corporations/stakeholders who work hand-in-hand with local traditional and political authorities in order to enhance livelihoods in a manner that empowers individuals and micro and small scale enterprises to become market-driven, self-sustaining and profitable. Read more...