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We focus on group dynamics training

As group cohesion is essential for successful, sustainable FBOs, we focus on group dynamics training. We provide regular training on group dynamics and train FBO leaders to spot the causes of conflicts; avoid these situations; and conflict resolution techniques. We also train FBO leaders on the importance of respecting member rights and feelings; maintaining transparency and keeping good records to ensure group cohesion.

We teach FBOs participatory monitoring and evaluation strategies to encourage member participation in the affairs of the group.

In sum, AC believes the FBO is the most efficient vehicle to disseminate information and encourage knowledge transfer among small holder farmers. The FBO is also the most effective method of building the economies of scale that allow for small holders to integrate into existing value chains.

We can train FBOs to engage in farming as a business instead of seeing it as a way of life. We welcome the opportunity to work with you as we continue to do our part in facilitating the improvement of incomes for small holder farmers throughout Ghana.

Below are pictures of group dynamics training