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Rural Economic Development

Rural Economic Development

African Connections provides development services through corporations who work hand-in-hand with local traditional and political authorities in order to enhance livelihoods in a manner that empowers individuals and micro and small scale enterprises to become market-driven, self-sustaining and profitable.

Our development partners consist of the entire "Stakeholder Community.” The Stakeholder Community includes corporations operating in communities in a manner that affects the inhabitants’ livelihoods. African Connections’ initiatives are designed to enable such corporations to meet their corporate responsibility objectives while at the same time meeting local development goals and objectives. The stakeholder community also includes the affected persons whose livelihoods may have been adversely impacted as well as traditional leaders, opinion leaders, and local officials.

Our development work then entails our expert's training and assisting farmers and farmer associations in the use of best farming practices to get their produce to market in a manner designed to maximize quantity, quality and profit. It also includes providing hands-on technical assistance and training to the entire agri-business value chain, such as rural banks, produce buyers, processors, storage facility operators and others who comprise the industry.


Although much of our work is agriculturally centered, we also design and implement urban, youth and gender based programs and initiatives. Whatever the initiative, our programs are designed to be self-sustaining and profitable.


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