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Trade Missions

In addition to our "development work”, African Connections also promotes trade between Africa and major commercial markets. The overarching objective of African Connections is to link Africa and such markets in mutually beneficial endeavors. One of the Company’s goals is to encourage greater economic interaction between Africa and the markets of Asia, Europe and the United States of America; and to accomplish this goal, African Connections organizes international trade missions and trade exhibitions.

The purpose of the trade missions is to introduce African industrial and commercial projects to major financial institutions which have the capacity and interest in funding such projects. The trade missions also offer opportunities to participants to identify prospective joint venture partners.

Our "trade mission work” is culminated annually by the "Focus on Africa Trade Mission” to the United States. In an effort to introduce trade opportunities to potential investors and facilitate an environment conducive to expanding trade between America and the lucrative African market, Focus on Africa provides delegates with an opportunity to meet public and private sector policy makers.

Each trade mission requires a significant amount of preparation on the part of those who participate. Therefore, African Connections offers consultancy services to delegates in order to help them identify marketable projects and develop business plans.

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