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In today’s rapidly changing business environment, ever greater demands are being placed on all businesses, especially manufacturing businesses:

to provide products quicker;

with greater added value;

to the correct location; and

With no relevant inventory position.

This is because customers want more quality, design, innovation, choice, convenience and service, and they want to spend less money, effort, time and risk in getting what they want.

As such manufacturing businesses also want their supplies/raw materials to get to them on time and at the specified quantity and quality to ensure that they meet the needs of their customers.

It is within this context that African Connections provides an unmatched supply chain management services by ensuring that:

producers are trained to produce to meet specifications of buyers/manufacturers;

price negotiations are effectively executed and prices are agreed upon by both parties;

produce are supplied to buyers/manufacturers on timely bases; and

produce are supplied to buyers/manufacturers at the required specified quantity and quality.

In this regard, African Connections has engaged in supply chain management in the following areas since March 2006:

Chili pepper;





Soybeans; and

Palm Oil.

Other supply management-related services that African Connections have provided over the year include,

Local marketing of fresh cut flowers, vegetable and handling of export and import logistics. (1997-2004);

Management of pack house, quality control and exports of produce to various countries. (1997-2004); and

Provision of market information on price and quality requirements of the market. (2001).