July, 2012:Approximately 500 hundred farmers from Northern Brong Ahafo have participated in a series of educational forums on the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA)-African Connections (AC) Maize Project.


The farmers were drawn from the Atebubu-Amantin, Sene and Pru Districts. Also in attendance were the various District Chief Executives (DCEs), Assembly members and the District Directors of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA).


Dubbed "Farmer Information Sessions”, the forums provided first-hand information to the farmers on the project and the benefits and responsibilities of all parties involved in the project.


The farmers were taken through a wide range of issues such as the benefits of the project, the selection process and the terms and conditions guiding the project.


The sessions emphasized the importance of group formation and credit worthiness. Attention was also given to the inputs to be used under the project as well as information on marketing at the end of the farming season.


The Farmer Information Sessions took place concurrently in all the three districts.


Dr. Ayesha Hakeem, the Managing Director of African Connections Ghana Limited (AC) said the project will help to increase the productivity of maize farmers in the Atebubu-Amantin, Sene and Pru Districts towards world production levels.


Dr. Hakeem said AC will build the capacity of maize farmers to increase their yields through the provision of advisory and extension services; farm inputs (tractors, seeds and fertilizer) and provide participating farmers access to markets.


"We will build the capacity of maize farmers to achieve a 30% increase in yields from the current 6 to 10 bags to 15 to 20 bags per acre by the end of the 2012 farming season”, she emphasized.


She noted that farmers under the project will utilize the best maize seeds and fertilizers to give farmers maximum yields and increase profits.


"Under this project, farmers will plant the Pannar 53 maize seed manufactured by Wienco Ghana Limited and also use the improved fertilizer manufactured by Chemico Ghana. These inputs are of the highest quality and will help farmers to boost yields when used together”, she said.


As the seeds, fertilizers, advisory and marketing services will be provided to farmers on credit, Dr. Hakeem entreated maize farmers to repay their loans at the time of harvest to ensure that the project is sustainable.



Mr. Dominic Napare, District Chief Executive (DCE) of Sene said the project forms part of the government’s commitment to modernize the agricultural sector and improve the lives of farmers in the country.


Mr. Napare advised farmers in his district to observe all the instructions to be provided by AC’s crop specialists in order to achieve maximum yields.


Mr. Anona Daggar, District Director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), on behalf of the Atebubu-Amantin DCE, Mr. Sanja Nanja also advised farmers to take part in the project.


He urged the farmers to follow all the planting and fertilizer application protocols keenly to boost their maize yields this planting season.


The Pru District Director of MoFA, Mr. Eric Asomaning cautioned farmers to refrain from selling or distributing the seeds and fertilizers to be received under project.


Mr. Asomaning also encouraged farmers in his district to participate in the project since the Pannar maize plantation embarked on by his office has yielded good results.


Farmers who took part in the sessions asked numerous questions on loan repayment and marketing systems among others.


SADA- AC Maize Project

The SADA- AC Maize Project is to assist small holder maize farmers in the Atebubu-Amantin, Sene and Pru Districts with agricultural inputs and technologies to improve their productivity and move them to commercial farming.


The five-year project is being implemented by AC on behalf of SADA. SADA is currently providing the capital to begin the project and will wean off its support in the next five (5) years. SADA is supporting the project by providing tractors, improved maize seeds and fertilizers while AC will train farmers on improved farming methods, appropriate farm management skills, harvesting and post-harvesting marketing.